Sungo Valves Group Co., Ltd.
Name:Sungo Valves Group Co., Ltd.
Equipments detail
Equipment: Metal to metal sealed floating ball valve
Equipment Type: Pumps And Valves -> Ball Valve
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Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2010-06-03
Main Features: ·Advanced Hardening Technology Employed For Ball And Seat ·Valve Stuck Under High Temperature Prevented ·Excellent Tightness Function ·An Entire Fire Safe Structure ·Natural anti-atatic structure ·Double-block And Bleed Function
Description: SUNGO series floating ball valves featuring 2-PC split body side entry or uni body, a very popular design in floating ball valve. SUNGO offers 3 main categories: Conventional design covers working temperature-46℃~200℃; Cryogenic design covers working temperature -196℃~-46℃ and High performance design covers working temperature 200℃~500℃. All fire safe test were certified by TUV.
Recipient: Mr. Kevin Yu Company: Sungo Valves Group Co., Ltd.
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